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The Wheel in Space: Episode 1 (home video)

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The Wheel in Space: Episode 1 was an animated cut-down version of the opening episode of The Wheel in Space, released on 15 December 2018 as part of the 25th Anniversary event of Missing, Believed Wiped.[1]

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The TARDIS malfunctions, making the dimensions change. The Doctor and Jamie quickly escape the TARDIS before it shrinks on them. They find that they are on a rocket drifting in space.

Unknown to either of them, a robot is on the rocket also. The Doctor and Jamie find a bunk room for the crew, but it is empty. The robot makes the rocket jolt. Jamie is thrown to the ground and the Doctor hits his head against the bunk. With the Doctor injured, Jamie lies him down in the bed. Looking out the window, he discovers that the rocket is approaching a space station.

The robot takes white balls out of a large white case and sends them into space towards the station. The robot then discovers that the Doctor and Jamie are on the rocket. Tracking them down to the bunk room, the robot begins cutting down the door with a laser to get in.

In space, the balls float towards the space station.

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