The Web of Time was the second story of the audio anthology, The Diary of River Song: Series Six.

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The capital has been evacuated. Monsters stalk the Underground. For River, it's the perfect opportunity to steal a priceless artwork, so long as she can avoid looters, soldiers and an alien invasion.

With the gallant Captain Knight at her side, River faces the Great Intelligence and its Yeti army. But her biggest challenge may be keeping time itself on track...

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  • This story is concurrent with the novel Fear of the Web. During the course of that novel, it is mentioned that Captain Knight disappears for a time into Soho with Corporal Buscombe.
  • This story takes place before the Second Doctor's involvement in TV: The Web of Fear.
  • Referencing the UNIT dating protocol, one in-universe explanation for the UNIT dating controversy, River cuts Captain Knight off before he can reveal the year this story is set in.

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