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The Web (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Web of Fear) was the Great Intelligence's ability to manifest itself as a mist or a fog, or as a strange web-like material. Some observers also called it a fungus. Prolonged exposure was fatal to humans, though the means by which it killed were mysterious. Travers claimed that the mist aspect of it wasn't poisonous, but people who went into it "just didn't come out again". Staff Sergeant Albert Arnold later made the point that the Web filled a deep vertical space, meaning that it wasn't possible to escape onto another line's tunnels, if one was trapped within the two-dimensional boundaries of the Circle line.

The Yeti, acting for the Great Intelligence, used it primarily to draw a ring around central London which followed the path of the Circle line. The British Army were initially helpless to do much more about it than to monitor the progress of the Web on a specially-made dynamic map of the line. The Intelligence also used it to capture the Doctor's TARDIS in mid-flight, but the Second Doctor rigged up a device which enabled him to free his ship.

The Yeti carried smaller quantities of it in Web-guns, which they could fire like conventional pistols. (TV: The Web of Fear)

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