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The Doctor Who special of The Weakest Link was a special edition of the BBC game show hosted by Anne Robinson, featuring Doctor Who actors as contestants.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

(In order of finishing positions)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While the other contestants were actors appearing as themselves, K9 remained in-character. K9 was the first contestant to lose and have to leave the programme because the producers told the others to vote him off, just in case he broke down.
  • Anne Droid was introducing the show, but halfway through her lines, her cable was pulled out by Anne Robinson who continued the presentation.
  • Most of the actors introduced themselves as their character, including David Tennant who said that he came from Gallifrey and that he was 925 years old.
  • Nick Briggs did the voice of a Dalek during his introduction and later on to explain one of his elimination choices (this time at Robinson's insistence). He also later on said, as a Cyberman, that he had accidentally turned off his screen.
  • Anne Robinson asked John Barrowman to sing the Doctor Who theme, which John did.
  • When Tracy-Ann Oberman was voted off, she said: "They should turn Anne Robinson into a Cyberman! Maybe she already is a Cyberman!"
  • Nicholas Briggs jokingly stated that Daleks do not play golf because "they're covered in their own balls."
  • When David Tennant was voted off, he said that he thought that Anne Robinson was going to be the Eleventh Doctor and that she maybe was already lined up to take over as soon as he left.
  • Three of the questions on round three also appeared in the episode Bad Wolf.
  • Sylvester McCoy is mentioned versus the phrase "the real McCoy".
  • The Third Doctor's catchphrase "reverse the polarity of the neutron flow" is partly addressed in a question that is not completed before the end of a round, but can still be deciphered from the dialogue.
  • The contestants had chosen to allow the cast members who were the "main family" of Doctor Who to progress into the later rounds, resulting in the elimination of the celebrities who played guest characters. However, this did not stop top-billed stars John Barrowman and David Tennant from being voted off before the final round.
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