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The Weakest Link

The Anne Droid. (TV: Bad Wolf)

The Weakest Link was a television game show broadcast on the Game Station by the year 200,000, it was produced by the Bad Wolf Corporation and hosted by the Anne Droid.

The show was named as such for those who lost, the eponymous "Weakest Links". Typically, a Weakest Link was chosen by a vote performed by the contestants at the end of each round. As votes were made strategically, contestants who performed worst in a round, making them technically the Weakest Link, could be spared by the vote.

By 200,000, the Weakest Links were ostensibly killed by a disintegrator beam fired from the Anne Droid; any contestant who attempted to escape was automically branded a "Weakest Link" and disintergrated as well. Just prior to eliminating a contestant, the Anne Droid would routinely announce "You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye." In reality, the Weakest Links, along with all those who lost aboard the Game Station, they were in fact transmatted to the hidden Dalek fleet for processing into Daleks of human origin. (TV: Bad Wolf)

Known contestants[edit | edit source]

In the last known edition of The Weakest Link, the Weakest Links were, in succession, Fitch, Broff, who was not voted but made an attempt to escape, Colleen, Agorax, and Rose Tyler, with the Ninth Doctor and Jack Harkness arriving too late to save the latter. Ultimately, Rodrick emerged as the winner, and was to be transported home with a reward of 1600 credits, only to be killed by the Daleks during the Battle of the Game Station. Rose was rescued from the Dalek Flagship by the Doctor and Jack. (TV: Bad Wolf)

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

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