The Vortex was the penultimate Doctor Who story in the pages of TV Action. A full-colour, painted strip, it followed a kind of Polystyle convention of pairing the Third Doctor with a temporary, juvenile male companion.

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A tornado in space whisks the Third Doctor and his new friend Tom inside a vast biological computer.

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  • The Third Doctor's penchant for solving problems by "reversing" something is alive and well in this story. Here, he doesn't quite "reverse the polarity", but he does "find the programming bank and reverse its order".
  • The story gives Bessie an explicit new power. At one point the Doctor is seen to turn on Bessie's "increased gravity stabliser", something the Doctor says will resist the force of a tornado.
  • Tom's father is called "Brian" in part one, but "John" in part two.
  • Bessie is called "Betsy", a common Polystyle error.

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