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The Voice of Many Angels was a short story written by Gavin Collinson[1], from the perspective of an in-character detailing of events from Sam Ferrian. It was released on the tie-in website, IntoTheUnknown.blog, as a reward for solving the ARG to promote The Lonely Assassins behind a password-protected section. It was presented in PDF format.


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  • Dave explains that, in a few decades, Marcus Rashford will become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  • Sam mentions reports of Weeping Angel sightings at Ipatiev House in 1918.
  • Sam recalls frequenting a pub with Dave near Coal Hill, and goes to get money from an ATM across from Coal Hill School.

Story notes[]

  • One of the mysteries that Sam Ferrian had rejected for the Into The Unknown blog were The Surgeon's Photograph. This was a real-world mystery photograph taken in 1934 that was purported to be of the Loch Ness Monster, and its authenticity was frequently debated at the time.
  • Sam also rejected the Giant Rat of Sumatra mystery. This refers to a untold escapade only briefly mentioned in the Sherlock Holmes novels.


  • This story was accessed via a login link here on the Into The Unknown blog, which required the entering of the password "There'sNoPlaceLikeHome" to read the short story.
  • Susan is implied to be Susan Foreman.
  • Geraldine Ford is said to be a future President of the United States. Her name is a reference to the real life President Gerald Ford.


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