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Monte Carlo, 1966:

Four time travellers. Two missions. One costumed ball. The Doctor has sent Peri and Erimem to prevent the fabulous Veiled Leopard diamond from being stolen. Which is odd, seeing as the Doctor has sent Ace and Hex to steal the diamond. How will the two teams cope with this contradictory task? Will Peri's asp slip? Why does Ace have to pretend to be a French maid? How will Erimem cope with Pharaoh Rammalamadingdong? And can Hex really "do posh"?


Part One

The Seventh Doctor has previously talked to the Fifth Doctor about a plan to stop the theft of the Veiled Leopard, a precious diamond which contains a code to rebuild a world which was lost. They talked about returning it to its owners. Peri and Erimem stop the jewel thief and return it to its safe, completely ignorant that it is, in fact, a piece of alien technology.

Part Two

Ace and Hex go to find the diamond to steal it. Luckily, this happened after Peri and Erimem stopped the jewel thief. This time, the Doctor has explained why it is so important. Unfortunately, they arrive too late and have to stop another thief who is trying to steal the diamond so that the owner can become even more rich. Ace finds a shortcut, and stops the thief, but before she can leave, she must explain herself to Peri, Erimem and a few other people.



  • Before the events of this story from their perspective, Peri and Erimem observed the Doctor arguing with a "kooky little guy in a weird pullover" who kept staring at them strangely. They are curious as to his identity.
  • Ace and Hex use the Doctor's sonic screwdriver.
  • Peri, Ace and Hex all refer to the James Bond film series. Peri mentions that she used to watch the films with her late father while growing up and compares the Casino Majestique in Monte Carlo, 1966 to the sort of venue frequently featured in the films.
  • The Fifth and Seventh Doctors give all of their respective companions the pseudonym "Smith."


  • This story was released free with Doctor Who Magazine #367.
  • The CD contains trailers for other Big Finish titles.
  • Peri and Erimem on the one hand and Ace and Hex on the other observe their counterparts in the crowd several times over the course of their respective episodes but do not actually interact. Consequently, each companion pair remain ignorant of what they have in common.
  • The first and second halves of this story take place at the same time. The same is true of both BFA: Flip-Flop and CC: Peri and the Piscon Paradox.
  • With the exception of the non-canonical Children in Need special Dimensions in Time, this is the only story in performed Doctor Who to feature both Peri and Ace to date.



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