The Vampire Plants was a Second Doctor comic story first published in Doctor Who Annual 1970.

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The Doctor takes Jamie and Zoe to visit an old friend of his, Doctor Vane, in the Experimental Botanical Gardens on Venus. However, when they arrive, he asks Zoe to stay in the TARDIS while he and Jamie go. Something strange has been happening, which is why they are really there. A few days earlier, Doctor Vane had found his laboratory wrecked and his prized Galea Tentipocus plant missing. He tells this story to the Doctor and Jamie. He has sent his assistant, Regan, after the thieves, but he finds a strange sentient plant at the end of the trail that attacks him. Hearing his cry, the Doctor and Jamie rush to the scene, then head off after the plant, which has grown to gigantic proportions and threatens to engulf everything. As the plant prepares to attack them, the Doctor sets fire to it with his lighter. The menace is ended.

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  • This strip was drawn by an uncredited artist who took his inspiration from the 1950s Ron Embleton story Rockinghams Tree in the Bill Merrill series in Spaceman Comic. The characters and poses have been copied directly and framing, especially on the last page, is a 90% direct copy, but with the Doctor and company replacing the Spacemen.

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