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The Ursine Brood was the sixteenth short story in Down the Middle. It marked a turning point in the anthology's narrative, beginning a sequence of connected stories which close the book.


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  • Cwej is supposed to go an adventure at the Gowlbone Castle on the inner surface of the Omnium Sphere in the 51st century, in which a washed-up Cwej has to rescue Bicktöv the Millionth from the Primordial Liberation Front.
  • Larles and Kwol's abstract sculpture of the Grigori Goddess resembles a large 3D asterisk.
  • Chris knows of some Cwejen who have deserted, including one who became a DJ on Thoros Minor.
  • One Cwej-Plus becomes a preacher for Ursa.
  • The Superiors' initial production of the Cwejen had consumed a literally infinite military budget, with tetradimensional diffraction combs specially bred and even skilled temporal engineers retroactively conceived specifically for the project.
  • The Superiors have specialist shipbreakers to euthanize timeships once they become senile or defective.
  • When he was very young, Chris had had a beloved teddy bear.

Story notes[]

  • An online-exclusive illustration for the story was created by artist Kern McCarthy and released through the series's official Facebook page.[1]
  • In-line with the story's religious themes, Cwej-Ursa's final regeneration resembles a Biblically accurate angel, specifically an Ophanim.


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