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The Universal Song Contest was a parodical short created for The Fan Show in 2015 and released on the YouTube Channel as part of said show. Released with Episode 4 of the show, The Universal Song Contest & Symphonic Spectacular!, The Universal Song Contest focused on an intergalactic singing competition crashed by the Daleks.


The Sontaran presenter of the Universal Song Contest's results listens impatiently as the Ood representative of the Ood Sphere Singing Committee gives its congratulations to one of their own, Ood Delta, for his thrilling rendition of "Song of Freedom". The Ood also grant 8 points to a Judoon, So Po Flo Glo No Jojodopoplono, and 10 points to K9, who sang "Don't Cry For Me, Sarah Jane Smith". The panel's 12 points go to Osgood and the Zygons, and Osgood appears on a screen dancing with delight at her victory.

However, the picture cuts, with the sound of Dalek gunfire clearly audible over the static. The picture becomes that of the Parliament of the Daleks on Skaro, with a Strategist Dalek at the lead, who declares that the Daleks award themselves "all the points". Ignoring the Sontaran's pleas that the Daleks are not part of the contest to begin with, the Strategist adds that "Daleks are the masters of song!", a creed echoed by two Grey Daleks who come on-stage to surround the Sontaran menacingly.

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