The Universal Song Contest & Symphonic Spectacular! was the fourth episode of The Fan Show, released on the Doctor Who YouTube Channel. Like other episodes of The Fan Show, it contained a shorter animated sketch set in a parodical version of the Doctor Who universe, entitled The Universal Song Contest; furthermore, the documentary section was itself given some amount of narrative, comedic value as Christel Dee supposedly found herself forced to conduct a Doctor Who orchestra (with a sonic screwdriver) even as she read out the latest Doctor Who news, with the video's incidental music stopping if she stopped conducting.

Main subject[edit | edit source]

Doctor Who music — both in the guise of the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra and of the upcoming, official Symphonic Spectacular in Australia!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The WHOtube segment of the webcast, in which glimpses of the latest and most notable Doctor Who fan videos on YouTube were promoted by the BBC, one of the videos, commented upon by Christel Dee, is a fan animation of a post-Death in Heaven Brigadier's adventure; this sees Christel using the common fan moniker of "Cyberbrig" for the Cyber-converted Lethbridge-Stewart in her voiceover, which had been "canonized" the prior month in the comedy Doctor Who Magazine short story, My Dad's A Cyberman!.
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