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The Universal Databank was the third and final volume in a trilogy of reference books by Jean-Marc Lofficier expanding upon his original 1981 work, The Doctor Who Programme Guide. The Universal Databank includes much of the content originally included in the second volume of The Programme Guide, but greatly expanded an updated into a detailed encyclopaedia listing of the many characters and locations featured in Doctor Who, along with some additional updated material received too late to include in the 1989 revision of The Programme Guide or the second book, The Terrestrial Index.

Publisher's summary[]

The third volume in Jean-Marc Lofficier's definitive series of Doctor Who reference books, The Universal Databank is a complete guide to everyone, everywhere and everything that has appeared in the series, from the Abbot of Amboise to the Zygons.

The indispensible Programme Guide gives a detailed breakdown of every Doctor Who episode to be broadcast since 1963, including the full cast lists and information on the writer, producer, script editor and director. The Terrestrial Index contains everything there is to know about Doctor Who and the planet Earth - information on technical details of the programme and on the non-television stories, and a chronology of Earth history as revealed in the television stories. Now, with the publication of The Universal Databank, every fan's essential reference library is complete.

Subject matter[]

An A to Z listing of characters and locations featured in the TV series, plus addendum updates on stories in other media not included in the previous books.

Notable features[]

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  • At 479 pages, this was the longest book ever released under the Target Books banner.

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