The Ultimate Treasure was the third novel in the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Christopher Bulis, released 18 August 1997 and featured the Fifth Doctor and Peri Brown.

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The seers of Gelsandor foretell the coming of many visitors to their planet, all in search of the lost treasure of the fabulously wealthy Rovan Cartovall, who vanished 5000 years ago...

An innocent shopping jaunt for the Fifth Doctor and Peri ends in violence and incarceration as they become caught up in a mysterious transaction involving the sale of co-ordinates leading to Rovan's hoard — the ultimate treasure.

The Doctor and Peri join the quest, but the Time Lord remains sceptical. What will they find — and why has it remained undiscovered for so long?

The resourcefulness of the travellers is tested to the limits as they each race to be the first to the treasure. And among a seemingly endless array of tricks, tests and traps lurk some deadly surprises.

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  • The Ymerl are a race of methane-breathers that live at super-cold temperatures and usually have little contact with the rest of the galactic community.

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