The Twilight Zone

"Some robot from The Twilight Zone" was how Jessica Willamy described a Cyberman upon her first encounter with the metallic species in San Francisco in January 1967. She then added that, unlike the robots of The Twilight Zone, "this one made [her] scared." (PROSE: Wonderland)

After finding that Susan Foreman and her grandfather, the First Doctor, were not from Earth in April 1963, John Brent could not help but to make a comparison numerous times to The Twilight Zone, which was evidently popular in the 1960s. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

When the Memory offered Peri Brown her only chance of survival from drowning — becoming its god — she described her way out as "clear as the sign-post for the Twilight Zone, always so helpfully pointed out by Rod Serling, but less inviting." (PROSE: Shell Shock)

Behind the scenes

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