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The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles, later rebranded as The Doctor Chronicles: The Twelfth Doctor Volume 1, was an audio anthology released on 13 February 2020 by Big Finish Productions. It featured Jacob Dudman doing the narration, as well as voicing the Twelfth Doctor.

Publisher's summary[]

Four stories set in the Twelfth Doctor era, narrated by Jacob Dudman.

1.1 The Charge of the Night Brigade by David Llewellyn

In the rat-infested camps of the Crimea, Mary Seacole offers a vital service to the beleaguered troops, serving up rice pudding and treating the wounded at her 'British Hotel'.

Mary's no-nonsense attitude is tested by the Doctor's arrival. Together, they must deal with a strange infection not of this Earth...

1.2 War Wounds by Mark Wright

When Danny Pink finds the TARDIS door open in a Coal Hill storeroom, he can't help wondering about Clara's double life and the truth about the Doctor.

But he gets much more than he bargained for. Stuck amid an alien war, can Danny and the Doctor stop arguing long enough to make it out alive?

1.3 Distant Voices by Lizbeth Myles

Cameron is haunted by strange voices. As she gets on with her job conducting tours around Rochester Castle, she hopes that they'll just go away.

Fortunately for Cameron, the Doctor has joined her tour. He hears the voices too, and he knows what they mean. Time itself is starting to fracture...

1.4 Field Trip by Una McCormack

Osgood gets an offer she can't resist when the Doctor drops in – her first flight in the TARDIS!

The Doctor is calling on Osgood’s expertise to stop an invasion, but what begins as a fact-finding mission quickly becomes something far more dangerous. Osgood’s intergalactic field trip is about to get very hands-on!


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
1 The Charge of the Night Brigade David Llewellyn Helen Goldwyn Mary Seacole 13 February 2020 BFP12THCCD01
2 War Wounds Mark Wright Danny Pink
3 Distant Voices Lizbeth Myles
4 Field Trip Una McCormack Osgood


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