The Tsuranga Conundrum was the fifth episode of series 11 of Doctor Who.

The episode followed the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions caught up on a hospital ship and facing a new threat, the Pting, a creature that only consumes non-organic matter. The story also expanded on Ryan's family backstory regarding losing his mother.

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As the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends end up stranded without the TARDIS on a hospital ship in space, with a strange and potentially deadly intruder on board, it is up to them, the crew, and the patients to figure out what it is, what it wants, and how to stop it before the creature tears the ship apart.

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On Seffilun 27 in a junk galaxy, the Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan, Yasmin, and Graham are hunting for something the Doctor desires to find with special detectors retrieved from the TARDIS parked nearby. While looking, they find something; the Doctor realises that it is a sonic mine and accidentally triggers it. It explodes just as Yaz asks how long they have.

The Doctor awakes on a hospital ship Tsuranga, finding the others alright despite her own apparent pain in her side.

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  • Pretty much every scientific fact about anti-matter given by the Doctor in this episode is true to real science.[1] However, in reality, because antimatter is produced via pair production, energy gained by antimatter-matter reactions would not exceed the energy required to create it; therefore energy generation would have to be performed by captured antimatter that has not been manufactured.[2]
  • Tim Price receives a creator credit for the Pting, the first time such a credit is given on a creature or character's first appearance.

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  • 6.12 million (UK overnight)[3]
  • 7.76 million (UK final)[4]

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