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The True History of Faction Paradox was a series of six full cast Faction Paradox audio dramas written by Lawrence Miles and produced by Magic Bullet Productions. They continued from The Faction Paradox Protocols, but they were intended to be understandable even to those who had not heard the previous stories.[1] The three returning main characters, Cousin Justine, Cousin Eliza, and Lolita, were recast to Wanda Opalinska, Jane Lesley, and Jet Tattersall, respectively. Like Protocols, True History featured several characters from past Doctor Who and Faction Paradox stories, including Sutekh and the War King; however, it had a much more high-profile guest cast, including many Doctor Who actors like Philip Madoc, Peter Miles, Julian Glover, Gabriel Woolf, and Chris Tranchell.


# Title Author Featuring Released
1 Coming to Dust Lawrence Miles Justine, Eliza, Finton, Marne 23 July 2005
2 The Ship of a Billion Years Justine, Eliza, Sutekh, Finton, Marne 15 April 2006
3 Body Politic Justine, Eliza, Sutekh, the War King, Lolita, Anubis, Mortega May 2008
4 Words from Nine Divinities Justine, Eliza, Sutekh, the War King, Lolita, Anubis, Mortega, Nephthys 24 November 2008
5 Ozymandias Justine, Horus, Sutekh, Lolita, Geb, Nephthys, Finton, Marne 8 June 2009
6 The Judgment of Sutekh 23 November 2009


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