The Trodos Ambush was a TV Comic story featuring the Second Doctor, John and Gillian.


The Doctor, John and Gillian return to Trodos to make peace with the Trods. They find the Daleks have arrived earlier, wiped out the Trods and are waiting for the travellers. A subsurface collapse lets them escape into the Trods' underground city and meet up with the survivors of the attack. The Trods befriend the Doctor and help the travellers escape to the TARDIS. The Doctor vows to fight against the growing menace of the Daleks.



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  • This strip marks the first use of the Daleks in the main Doctor Who comic strip after their stint in TV Century 21.
  • Starting with part 1 of this story, each part is increased from two pages to three.
  • At the end of the story the Doctor doesn't defeat the Daleks nor liberate the Trods, who are presumably still under Dalek occupation.
  • From issue 788, the strip's title changes from Doctor Who to Doctor Who and the Daleks — even though the Doctor's arch-enemies do not feature in every adventure. With Issue 809, the strip's title reverts to just Doctor Who, and the Daleks does not appear again for the rest of the Second Doctor's comic era.