The Triumph of Sutekh was a full cast audio anthology released in 12 June 2015 by Big Finish Productions, and the second release of The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield.

It saw the return of Sutekh, who was last seen in the 1975 Doctor Who serial Pyramids of Mars, with Gabriel Woolf once again reprising the role.

Publisher's summary[]

2.1 The Pyramid of Sutekh by Guy Adams

Professor Bernice Summerfield, archaeologist and adventurer, has discovered a Pyramid on Mars. Inside she finds her old friend the Doctor is fighting a battle with the Osiran God Sutekh. One he is losing.

2.2 The Vaults of Osiris by Justin Richards

Egypt in 2015 is an unsettled place. The trade in stolen antiquities is a murky one, and it's about to get a whole lot worse, as an ancient and terrible force enters the market.

2.3 The Eye of Horus by James Goss

Ancient Egypt is enjoying a golden age - peace, prosperity and a powerful Pharaoh. But something is moving through the sands. A forgotten god requests an invite to the feast.

2.4 The Tears of Isis by Una McCormack

Russell Courtland prophesied the world would end on Tuesday. No-one was more surprised than he was when it did.


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
2.1 The Pyramid of Sutekh Guy Adams Scott Handcock Seventh Doctor, Ace, Sutekh 12 June 2015 BFPDWNABOX002
2.2 The Vaults of Osiris Justin Richards
2.3 The Eye of Horus James Goss
2.4 The Tears of Isis Scott Handcock


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