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The Tribulations of Thadeus Nook was the third story in the tenth series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Andrew Smith and featured Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Louise Jameson as Leela.

Publisher's summary[]

It’s time for the trip of a lifetime! Come along on one of Thadeus Nook's Time Tours. See history as it really was. Get to witness wars and assassinations! See barbarian warlords right up close!

The Doctor and Leela encounter a most enterprising young gentleman – using time travel for his own financial gain. The Doctor is horrified at the irresponsibility – but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because Thadeus Nook is about to learn that history is often best left in the past.


Part one[]

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Part two[]

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Part three[]

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Part four[]

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Food and Beverages[]

  • Thadeus offers to buy Jess a slap-up takeaway Kronkburger and later the Doctor and Leela also have a kronkburger.



  • Working titles for the story included Thadeus Nook's Time Tours and The Time Tours of Thadeus Nook. Eventually, Tribulations was settled on because the word has serious connotations while also sounds quite flippant by virtue of being more old-fashioned. (BFX: The Tribulations of Thadeus Nook)
  • Andrew Smith envisioned the character of Thadeus Nook first before the story ideas. (BFX: The Tribulations of Thadeus Nook)
  • The story partially was influenced by the TV Comic story, The Amateur, in which the Doctor encounters another amateur human time traveller. (BFX: The Tribulations of Thadeus Nook)
  • Smith also drew some inspiration from The Romans and The Gunfighters, two stories which balance a lighter comedic tone with a darker tone, one of which transitions to the other as the story progresses. When writing Tribulations, Smith chose the scene of the Kennedy assassination as the moment which the hitherto lighthearted story begins to take on a more serious tone. (BFX: The Tribulations of Thadeus Nook)
  • This story was recorded on 19 and 21 September 2016 at Audio Sorcery.


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