As a eulogy to Prim, River Song recited excerpts from the poem "The Travelling Companion" on her way back from Mesopotamia. (AUDIO: The Boundless Sea)

Into the silence of the empty night

I went, and took my scorned heart with me,

And all the thousand eyes of heaven were bright;

But Sorrow came and led me back to thee.

I turned my weary eyes towards the sun,

Out of the leaden East like smoke came he.

I laughed and said, 'The night is past and done' ;

But sorrow came and led me back to thee.

O Love! O Sorrow! O desired Despair!

I turn my feet towards the boundless sea,

Into the dark I go and heed not where,

So that I come again at last to thee.River Song quoting "The Travelling Companion" [src]

Behind the scenes Edit

"The Travelling Companion" was a poem written by Lord Alfred Douglas. Neither the poem, nor its author were named in the audio story. A line from this poem, "the boundless sea" gave name to the audio story it appeared in.

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