The Transformed was the second story in Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor.

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The Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack, bouncing back from their most recent adventure with a destructive doppelganger, run into a most unexpected face! As the Doctor struggles to keep Rose apart from an element of her future she cannot know, Jack discovers another twist on his missing past that complicates his present!

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  • This story takes place immediately after COMIC: Doctormania.
  • Mickey recalls how the Doctor "changed", (TV: The Christmas Invasion) and how their relationship changed for the better because of it. (TV: School Reunion, The Age of Steel, Doomsday, [[Journey's End] (TV story)|Journey's End]])
  • This story sees Mickey briefly play companion to the Ninth Doctor. Since this story is set after the events of The End of Time, this is the first time in the Doctor's timeline where he takes Mickey on as a companion, whilst for Mickey, it's his latest trip with the Doctor (but his first with the Ninth). Thus, Mickey technically takes this Doctor up on his offer to travel with him. (TV: World War Three) Similarly, Martha, while in her transformed state, takes a trip in the Ninth Doctor's TARDIS, making it the first time in the Doctor's life where she does so, but the latest trip for her.
  • The Doctor, in his next incarnation, will find himself in another situation where he encounters someone at the wrong point in their timeline, due to receiving a message meant for his future self. (TV: Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead)
  • The Bad Wolf meme can be seen on the sideway of a spacebus. (TV: The Unquiet Dead et al.)
  • The Doctor says that San Francisco has a "history", which influenced the wormhole to give nearby humans powers and mutations. (TV: Doctor Who, PROSE: Unnatural History, AUDIO: The Gift)

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