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The Tramp's Story was the sixteenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Repercussions. It was written by Joseph Lidster. It featured the Seventh Doctor.


One Christmas a tramp saves up enough money to buy himself a bottle of champagne. A passerby knocks it out of his hand before he can drink it. He wishes to end his life and stands in the middle of the road to be hit by a bus. He is saved by the Seventh Doctor, who claims to be trying to get one over on his enemy, Death.

The tramp joins the Doctor in several adventures. During one, he helps the Doctor stop Mortimus from taking Antonio Salieri back in time to kill the infant Mozart.

The tramp later encountered the Auctor, who told him if the bus had hit the tramp, then Rita, the bus driver, would have blamed herself for his death and committed suicide. The Auctor informed the tramp that his life being saved disrupted the Web of Time.

The Doctor removes the tramp from history to protect the Web of Time and places him in an airship that endlessly loops through the heart of the time vortex.




  • Each story in Short Trips: Repercussions includes a character or characters being taken out of their time by the Doctor to avoid harm to the Web of Time. In this story, it is the tramp.