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The Tomorrow Windows was the sixty-ninth novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Jonathan Morris, released 7 June 2004 and featured the Eighth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner and Trix MacMillan.

It was notable for referencing many past stories, both televised and from other media.

Publisher's summary[]

Comic Preview from DWM 344. Illustration by Mike Collins.

There's a new exhibition at Tate Modern — "The Tomorrow Windows".

The concept is simple: look through a Tomorrow Window and you'll see into the future. You'll get "the Gist of Things to Come". According to the press pack, the Tomorrow Windows exhibition will bring about an end to war and suffering.

Which is why someone decides to blow it up.

Investigating this act of wanton vandalism, the Doctor, Fitz and Trix visit an Astral Flower, the show-world of Utopia and Gadrahadradon — the most haunted planet in the galaxy. They face the sinister Ceccecs, the gratuitously violent Vorshagg, the miniscule Micron and the enigmatic Poozle. And they encounter the doomsday monks of Shardybarn, the warmongers of Valuensis, the politicians of Minuea and the killer cars of Estebol.

They also spend about half an hour in Lewisham.


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Illustration by Roger Langridge (DWM 348)

  • Many celebrities make cameo appearances in this novel including Ken Livingstone, J. K. Rowling, Jeremy Paxman, Ian Hislop, Stephen Fry and Huw Edwards.
  • The man who would be the true Ninth Doctor was described as being "A wiry man with a gaunt, hawklike face, piercing, pale grey-blue eyes and a thin, prominent nose [with] lips [that were] set into an almost cruel, almost arrogant smile." The novel was written before Christopher Eccleston was announced, but in interview, Jonathan Morris said that the lateness of the book allowed him to include the "first appearance" of Christopher Eccleston's Doctor:[1]

    It swells me with immense pride to think that the unforgivable lateness of my book allowed me to include a cameo by the new Doctor Who. I think it is crucially important that everyone buys my book in order to see Christopher Eccleston's first appearance as the Doctor. If you want a complete set of books featuring the Ninth Doctor, you should start with The Tomorrow Windows! Indeed, I think The Tomorrow Windows may prove essential reading to viewers of the new series... Buy my book!Jonathan Morris, 24 May 2004


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