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The Tomb of the Cyberman was the second in a series of script books released by Titan Books.

Publisher's summary Edit


An archaeological expedition to a forgotten planet. A race of silver giants, frozen for centuries in an underground tomb... the Cybermen! Into the midst of this, unwittingly steps the Doctor and his two companions, Jamie and Victoria.

Read for the first time the complete script of this classic Doctor Who story, together with full cast list, production notes and an exciting look behind the scenes with writer Gerry Davis and script writer Victor Pemberton. background and technical information.

Subject matter Edit

Verbatim transcripts of the televised Doctor Who adventure The Tomb of the Cybermen, which was still missing from the BBC archives at the time. For visual actions the scripts relied on fan memories to amend the camera scripts.

Contents Edit

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Cast
  • Technical Details
  • Production Credits
  • Episode One
  • Episode Two
  • Episode Three
  • Episode Four

Notable features Edit

  • The last page corrects an error in the back cover text (see Publisher's summary above): "On the back cover, Victor Pemberton is wrongly credited as 'script writer' for The Tomb of the Cybermen. It should read 'script editor'."

Notes Edit

  • Published in paperback
  • Priced £3.95 (UK)
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