The Tomb of Shemura was a comic story published in The Official Doctor Who Annual 2013.

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The Eleventh Doctor, Danny and Abby are travelling through the vortex when they suddenly see a psychic projection of a sad woman. The Doctor traces the source of the projection to Philastra, Planet of the Deathly Cold, a world they find deserted and in ruins, After encountering some ghostly psychic projections, they locate the woman, Shemura, from the projection, in some kind of stasis chamber. She tells them that her world was invaded and her subjects put her in the chamber to protect her from their enemies. The Doctor releases her, but it immediately becomes clear that her story was a lie - she is a tyrant imprisoned by her subjects. Now she takes the TARDIS key, intent on conquering other worlds. The Doctor, Abby and Danny are thrown into a pit where they meet Alaban. They escape and meet Shemura outside the TARDIS. The Doctor convices her that only he can pilot the TARDIS, but when he is in control, he boosts the TARDIS's telepathic circuits allowing the ghostly projections of Shemura's dead subjects to hound her. Alaban then seals her back in the stasis chamber. The Doctor realises it's time to get Danny and Abby home.

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