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The Time Vampire was the tenth story of the fourth series in The Companion Chronicles, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Nigel Fairs, narrated by Louise Jameson and featured the Fourth Doctor, Leela and K9 Mark I.

It was the third story of a trilogy written, directed and produced by Nigel Fairs. It brought to a close the tale of Leela's death after the end of the Last Great Time War. It was preceded by The Catalyst and Empathy Games.

Like the earlier chapters, Vampire had an unusual narrative structure in which an older, dying, post-Time War Leela told the story of an encounter with the Z'nai in her youthful travels with the Fourth Doctor.

Publisher's summary[]

Leela, in her last moments of life, recalls a long-forgotten memory: a time in the TARDIS. The Doctor is worried that K9's increasingly bizarre behaviour might become dangerous. He decides to make a new model, little knowing that the fate of all three time travellers has long since been decided.

As Leela recalls the chilling connection between K9's "illness", the Z'nai and the haunted sea fort in which the TARDIS lands, she prepares for her final journey: into the land of her ancestors, the Afterlife.


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