The Time Lord Letters is a collection of letters and writings by and to the Doctor. It hearkens back to many televised adventures, and adds many more details of its own.

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A unique collection of more than 100 never-before-seen letters, notes, and jottings both by and to the Doctor—correspondence by turns entertaining and inspiring, funny and flippant, brilliant and incredible drawn from all fifty-two years of the show.

No one could travel through history—past present and future—as much as the Doctor does without leaving an impression. Much of what we know about this mysterious figure comes from what he does— the planets he saves and the monsters he defeats. But until now we've had little knowledge of his writings.

These rich and diverse documents paint an extraordinarily detailed picture of the Doctor and include his plea to the Time Lords to help end the War Games, an extract from the written defence he submitted at his subsequent trial, his application for the post of Caretaker at Coal Hill School, his apology to the Queen for missing dinner, even telepathic messages to the High Council on Gallifrey and his famous letter to Santa Claus. Like the Doctor himself, the mood can change in an instant.

The Time Lord Letters captures the best and most dramatic moments of an impossible life. You'll never see the Doctor in quite the same way again.

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Gallifrey and the Time Lords Edit

Letter Name From To Date
01 Academic Progress Theta Sigma Borusa Unknown
In response to his Interim Academy Report, the First Doctor sends a message to his tutor, Borusa, head of Prydonian Academy. He mentions an incident with a perigosto stick and a temporal feedback loop, saying High Tutor Albrecht had a few regenerations to spare. One of Borusa's comments was "he might as well have grown up on a barn rather than a fully techno-temporal society."
03 A Warning to the Meddlesome First Doctor The Monk October 1066
The First Doctor leaves a note for the Monk after defeating his plans. He says he's taken precautions to stop his time meddling, should he have any plans of trying again. The Doctor goes on to explain the implications of the Monk's behaviour, and says to at least keep notes of any transgressions of the Laws of Time. He's taken his dimensional controller to teach him a lesson.
04 A Plea for Help Second Doctor Time Lords Unknown
The Second Doctor sends a telepathic message to the Time Lords, telling them of the humans left stranded on an unknown planet by the War Lords, and asking for their help. He mentions that the time travel technology used by the War Lords was provided by a Time Lord, so they should want to clean it up.

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