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The Time Lord Letters (anthology), as some argue it is best viewed as a collection of short stories, not a novel with individual chapters. Discussion ongoing.

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The Time Lord Letters is a collection of letters and writings by and to the Doctor. It hearkens back to many televised adventures, and adds many more details of its own. The book is written as a historical publication written and compiled by an in-universe writer who provides background information on each document. Most letters are original to the book, but some, such as the letter written to the Tenth Doctor by Madame de Pompadour before her death, are lifted directly from television stories.

Publisher's summary[]

A unique collection of more than 100 never-before-seen letters, notes, and jottings both by and to the Doctor—correspondence by turns entertaining and inspiring, funny and flippant, brilliant and incredible drawn from all fifty-two years of the show.

No one could travel through history—past present and future—as much as the Doctor does without leaving an impression. Much of what we know about this mysterious figure comes from what he does— the planets he saves and the monsters he defeats. But until now we've had little knowledge of his writings.

These rich and diverse documents paint an extraordinarily detailed picture of the Doctor and include his plea to the Time Lords to help end the War Games, an extract from the written defence he submitted at his subsequent trial, his application for the post of Caretaker at Coal Hill School, his apology to the Queen for missing dinner, even telepathic messages to the High Council on Gallifrey and his famous letter to Santa Claus. Like the Doctor himself, the mood can change in an instant.

The Time Lord Letters captures the best and most dramatic moments of an impossible life. You'll never see the Doctor in quite the same way again.



The author of The Time Lord Letters introduces the work. They explain who the Doctor is and the role they have played in history, as well as the scarcity of information about them. Of the known written works by the Doctor, the brief message of the words "No More" blasted onto a wall during the fall of the Gallifreyan city of Arcadia near the end of the Last Great Time War is the most famous. The author explains how The Time Lord Letters brings together documents from archives and collections throughout time and space to shed new light on the mysterious Doctor and their life.

Gallifrey and the Time Lords[]

Letter Name From To Date
01 Academic Progress Theta Sigma Borusa Unknown
In response to his Interim Academy Report, the First Doctor sends a message to his tutor, Borusa, head of Prydonian Academy. He mentions an incident with a perigosto stick and a temporal feedback loop, saying High Tutor Albrecht had a few regenerations to spare. One of Borusa's comments was "he might as well have grown up on a barn rather than a fully techno-temporal society."
02 Missing TARDIS First Doctor "Whom It May Concern" Unknown
03 A Warning to the Meddlesome First Doctor The Monk October 1066
The First Doctor leaves a note for the Monk after defeating his plans. He says he's taken precautions to stop his time meddling, should he have any plans of trying again. The Doctor goes on to explain the implications of the Monk's behaviour, and says to at least keep notes of any transgressions of the Laws of Time. He's taken his dimensional controller to teach him a lesson.
04 A Plea for Help Second Doctor Time Lords Unknown
The Second Doctor sends a telepathic message to the Time Lords, telling them of the humans left stranded on an unknown planet by the War Lords, and asking for their help. He mentions that the time travel technology used by the War Lords was provided by a Time Lord, so they should want to clean it up.
05 A Case for the Defence Second Doctor Time Lord judges Unknown
06 Returning Home Fourth Doctor Time Lords Unknown
07 In Tribute Sixth Doctor Time Lords August 2100
08 Telepathic Directions Third Doctor Terrynate 2540
09 Interference Fourth Doctor Time Lords Unknown
10 A Statement of Discontent Sixth Doctor Time Lords Unknown

Planet Earth[]

Letter Name From To Date
11 Taken to the Tower First Doctor Henry VIII July 1543
12 Absent Friend Fourth Doctor Chronotis 2 October 1955
13 Third Doctor 11 April 1958
14 Fourth Doctor 24 July 1960
15 Fourth Doctor 3 January 1964
16 Fourth Doctor 15 August 1977
17 To my Granddaughter First Doctor Susan Foreman 2167
18 The Slow Path... Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson Tenth Doctor April 1764
19 Hope in Adversity Third Doctor Marie Antoinette 1793
The Third Doctor writes to Marie Antoinette while she awaits execution. He apologises for not writing sooner and explains that he has a job. The Doctor tells her the time ahead will be difficult for her and France, and that he saw "The Terror" first hand. He offers her hope that out of the suffering will come a brighter future for the country. He remembers the happy time that he spent with her and Louis and thanks her for the pick-lock she gave him. The author speculates the letter was delivered to Marie Antoinette by James Stirling, who operated as a spy under the alias "Lemaitre".
20 Getting Out Martha Jones Tenth Doctor June 2009
21 Apologies and Thanks Eleventh Doctor Napoléon Bonaparte February 1821
22 A Medical Note Tenth Doctor Royal Hope Hospital September 2008
23 The Missing Bow Seventh Doctor Elizabeth II November 1988
24 Congratulations and Regrets Ninth Doctor Harriet Jones 2006
25 Tenth Doctor
26 A Fond Farewell Tenth Doctor Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart Unknown
27 66 Seconds Twelfth Doctor Agatha Christie Unknown
28 Putting Things Straight Tenth Doctor Mr Copper February 2008

Coal Hill School[]

Letter Name From To Date
29 An Application First Doctor Coal Hill School June 1963
30 Clara Will Be Good Clara Oswald, Twelfth Doctor W. Coburn March 2012
31 Taking Care Twelfth Doctor Frank Armitage October 2014
32 Keeping it Tiday Twelfth Doctor Danny Pink October 2014
33 A Few Suggestions Twelfth Doctor W. Coburn October 2014
34 Assessing the Risk Danny Pink, Twelfth Doctor N/A November 2014
35 A Great Fan Ninth Doctor Charles Dickens c 1869
36 Christmas Absence Eleventh Doctor Amy Pond, Rory Williams December 2011
37 Thank You
(in accordance with Rule 1781-B)
Acting Interim Chief Caretaker Seventh Doctor Late 21st century
38 Got to Dash... Tenth Doctor William Shakespeare 1599
39 Offering to Help Eleventh Doctor Sanderson & Grainger April 2011
40 Virtually Yours Tenth Doctor River Song 51st century
41 Get Well Soon First Doctor Dodo Chaplet July 1966
42 Lyre Liar First Doctor Nero 64
43 Bedtime Story Eleventh Doctor George October 2011
44 Welcome Home Ninth Doctor Geoff Mitchell, Sandra Mitchell 2012
45 A Parting Gift First Doctor Xerons Unknown
46 I Am Glad It Was You... Jackson Lake Tenth Doctor December 1851
47 Baffling Meaning Henry Gordon Jago Fourth Doctor February 1892

The Daleks and Other Monsters[]

Letter Name From To Date
48 Expert Witness Fourth Doctor Kaled Council Unknown
49 A Record of Honour Sixth Doctor Grand Order of Oberon Unknown
50 A Warning, and a Threat Seventh Doctor Daleks 1963
51 For the PM's Eyes Only Eleventh Doctor Winston Churchill 1941
52 Left in Trust Tenth Doctor Rattigan Academy students May 2009
53 A New Chapter Second Doctor Victoria Waterfield Late 1960s
54 Passion and Pain Henry Black, Eleventh Doctor N/A 2010
55 Awkward Explanations Fourth Doctor Kiy Uvanov, Lish Toos Unknown
56 Condolences Second Doctor N/A March 1985
57 An Official Handover Eleventh Doctor People of Mercy, Nevada 1870
58 A Mad World Tenth Doctor Elton Pope June 2007
59 I Want Some Answers Ninth Doctor N/A 200,100
60 Advice to the Board Tenth Doctor Governing Board of Ood Operations 4126
61 Condolences and Thanks Fifth Doctor Charles Cranleigh, Madge Cranleigh June 1925
62 Full Steam Ahead Sixth Doctor George Stephenson 1846
63 Words and Pictures Tenth Doctor Chloe Webber 2012
64 A Spot of Gardening Fourth Doctor Zastor Unknown
65 Timey-Wimey Stuff Tenth Doctor Sally Sparrow 2007
66 Holiday Plans Eleventh Doctor Cardew December 1941
67 Reaching a Terminus Fifth Doctor Nyssa Unknown
68 Waking or Sleeping? Eleventh Doctor Himself Unknown
70 Safe Keeping First Doctor Padmasambhava 1630
71 Everything has its Time Ninth Doctor Jackie Tyler November 1987
72 Unpredictable Tastes First Doctor Michel de Nostredame 1555
73 A Letter of Application Twelfth Doctor Bank of Karabraxos Unknown
74 Registering a Complaint Third Doctor Interplanetary Mining Corporation March 2472
75 Look After the Children Tenth Doctor Adiposian First Family 2009
76 Bronze Age Corrections Fourth Doctor Emilia Rumford 1984
77 A Painful Extraction First Doctor Doc Holliday October 1881
78 The Waiting Game Amy Pond Eleventh Doctor, Rory Williams Unknown
79 The Time Machine Sixth Doctor H. G. Wells 1885


Letter Name From To Date
80 Uniquely Qualified Third Doctor UNIT Classified
81 Resignation Third Doctor Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Classified
82 Power Play Third Doctor Professor Stahlman Classified
83 The Greatest Threat Third Doctor Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Classified
84 A New and Unusual Menace Third Doctor The Minister Classified
85 A Complex Space-Time Event Eleventh Doctor Professor Arthur Candy Unknown
86 Deadly Mistakes Seventh Doctor Mother of Sergeant Michael Smith (Mrs Smith) 1963
87 Will Power Third Doctor Herbert Clegg Unknown
88 A Masterful Defence Third Doctor Court convened to try The Master Classified
89 A Possible Trap Fourth Doctor Sarah Jane Smith Classified
90 Overdue Overhaul Second Doctor Professor Edward Travers Unknown
91 Preventing the Future Third Doctor Sir Reginald Styles Classified
92 Supply Teacher Tenth Doctor (under the alias of James Robert McCrimmon) Hector Finch 2007
93 Primitive Equipment Third Doctor Mr Campbell, head of UNIT's Scientific Supplies Section Classified
94 The Best of Times Third Doctor Jo Grant Unknown
95 Definitely Not Amused Tenth Doctor (under the alias Sir Doctor of TARDIS) Queen Victoria 1879
96 A Contribution to the Fun Third Doctor (under the alias of Doctor John Smith) Mr Carmichael, Chairman of the Parochial Church Council for the village of Devil's End Unknown
97 Naughty or Nice? Twelfth Doctor Santa Claus Unknown
98 Missing Aircraft Fifth Doctor Airport Controller March 1982
99 Not So Sorry Fourth Doctor The Prime Minister Classified
100 Royal Excuses Fourth Doctor Queen Elizabeth II Classified
101 The Road to Recovery Fifth Doctor (under the alias of John Smith (Doctor)) The Governors of Brendon Public School for Boys 6 June 1977
102 Beyond Redemption? Third Doctor The Master Unknown
103 England Expects... First Doctor Horatio Nelson 1798
104 Asking for Favours Seventh Doctor The Prime Minister Classified


Letter Name From To Date
105 Maintenance Notes First Doctor N/A Unknown
106 Unofficial Authorisation Seventh Doctor (forging the signatures of Winston Churchill and Stweart Menzies) To Whom It May Concern May 1943
107 Thank You For Having Me Eleventh Doctor Craig Owens June 2010
108 Historical Nonsense First Doctor N/A circa 1184 BC
109 A Time for Reflection Eleventh Doctor President Richard Nixon April 1969
110 A Gift to a Best Friend Fourth Doctor Sarah Jane Smith 1978
111 The End of the Line Eleventh Doctor Madame Vastra December 1892
112 The Doctor's Tale Second Doctor N/A Unknown
113 The Missing Turkey Eleventh Doctor Amy Pond & Rory Williams Unknown
114 A Lump of Rock Fourth Doctor Garron Unknown
115 Sorry About the Mess Fourth Doctor Leonardo da Vinci circa 1508
116 Perfect Hiding Twelfth Doctor N/A Unknown
117 Till We Meet Again Tenth Doctor Sarah Jane Smith 2007
118 The Intergalactic Flying Dutchman Eleventh Doctor Henry Avery 1699
119 Invitation to Assassination Eleventh Doctor Himself, River Song, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and Canton Everett Delaware III April 2011
120 Please Look After This Slitheen Ninth Doctor Unspecified Raxacoricofallapatorian family September 2006
121 You are the Doctor Tenth Doctor Himself (disguised as human under the alias John Smith) November 1913
122 Legends Have to Start Somewhere Twelfth Doctor Robin Hood circa 1190
123 Two Pints Today, Please Eleventh Doctor Milkman June 2010
124 Old And Lonely Eleventh Doctor Clara Oswald Various
128 Face to Face Idris (the TARDIS) Eleventh Doctor Unknown



  • Documents pertaining to incidences with UNIT and early incarnations of the Doctor are dated as "classified" or "unknown", a nod to the UNIT dating controversy.


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