The Time Gallery was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2012.

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On the planet Darathos, the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams visit an abandoned alien art gallery. It's a Time Gallery that displays pictures of future selves, pictures from a few minutes or even years ahead. Amy looks worried in her picture and it's not long before the travellers are hiding from the arrival of a group of Skavengers about to raid the gallery of its technology.

The travellers use Amy's phone to take a "future" picture. A hasty departure is interrupted when Rory is captured by the Skavengers moments after finding a picture of himself with half a robot head! Having viewed the Doctor's photos taken on Amy's phone in the TARDIS, they see an image of the Skavengers reacting to the flash on the camera.

The Doctor and Amy attempt to rescue Rory from being transformed — blinding the Skavengers with the phone's flash. They return to the safety of the TARDIS as the gallery's defence mechanism (previously blocked by the Skavengers), is reactivated and explodes around them. With the gallery and the Skavengers destroyed, the Doctor believes it is a good thing — far too many spoilers!

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