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The Time Ball was the eighth story of The Many Lives of Doctor Who, published in 2018.


Fresh from their meal on Epsilon Eridani, the Doctor and Josie Day examine the body of an Omsonii that Captain Finlay and his crew found in Africa. Realising that the Omsonii is an explorer, the Doctor scrambles to teleport her back to her ship.

Taking advantage of being in Greenwich, the Doctor has Josie keep an eye on the Greenwich Naval College clock as he turns the ship's wheel into a transmitter. Exactly at 13:00, as the red ball drops, the Doctor's jury-rigged transmat hums to life and send the explorer back to her ship.

Reflecting on these events, the Thirteenth Doctor notes that things are hardly ever what they seem but also mourns that the Eighth Doctor, so full of life and joy, had a such a bleak end.



  • The Omsonii was found in Africa.
  • Finlay wants to bring the Omsonii to the Zoological Society.
  • Josie tells the Doctor the time from the Greenwich Naval College clock.


  • As with several other stories in the The Many Lives of Doctor Who graphic novel, the number 13 plays a prominent role, in this instance the Omsonii's ship being scheduled to pass over at 1300 hours (1PM).