The Ties that Bind Us was a documentary that examined the continuity links that were mentioned in the The Five Doctors. It was narrated by Paul McGann. The documentary was included on the DVD release of The Five Doctors 25th Anniversary Edition.

The links[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of the continuity references that were made in The Five Doctors and the stories that related to the references.

The documentary ends with a montage of clips from the past 20 years, which included companions, the TARDIS, enemies, alien worlds, regeneration and tea.

Music list[edit | edit source]

  • "Doctor Who (Opening Theme)" by Peter Howell - played over the opening animation.
  • "Marching to Victory" by Ron Goodwin, Album: Roads to War (1933-1945) Part 2 KPM-0399 - played during the montage of The Brigader’s adventures with The Doctor.
  • "Great Achievements" by Nick Glennie-Smith, Album: The Hollywood Series - Orchestral Promos KPM-0417 - played when Bessie is shown.
  • "Defiant Force" by Rupert Gregson-Williams & Lorne Balfe, Album: Extreme Impact Reloaded KPM-0560 - played over the montage of The Master.
  • "Doctor Who (Closing Theme)" by Peter Howell - played over the end credits.
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