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The Three Faces of Helena was the second Erimem novel published in 2017.

Publisher's summary[]

Another adventure for Erimem, the former companion of the Fifth DOCTOR WHO.

In 276BC, a slave is beaten half to death by a demented princess...

In 1884, a woman calls upon the legendary explorer Allan Quatermain seeking passage to a lost city...

In 2419, the Inquisition exacts Holy Retribution upon a woman called The Abomination...

The link between all three is Helena, the woman just days from marrying into Erimem's family in 2017. What is the link and how can Erimem save her family?


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  • The Three Faces of Helena was originally planned to be a collection of three interlinked novellas done by three different writers: Iain McLaughlin, a returning Erimem writer, and a first-time author. Creative differences between the first-time author and McLaughlin prevented this three-novella plan from being fulfilled. Mclaughlin retooled The Three Faces of Helena into a novel written solely by himself. [1]
  • Allan Quatermain is an established public domain character from the works of Henry Rider Haggard. First appearing in King Solomon's Mines, Allan Quartermain appeared in a total of 21 stories written by Haggard. The short story White Man's Burden indicates that Quatermain is a fictional character in the world of Doctor Who.


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