The Third Doctor Adventures was a full cast audio anthology released in 2015 by Big Finish Productions. It was the first anthology of The Third Doctor Adventures, and is notable for featuring the first audios featuring Tim Treloar portraying the Third Doctor as the only Doctor in the story. This has been one of Big Finish's first attempts to recast the role of a deceased actor with a performer previously unknown to the show. Previously, Frazer Hines had taken under the role of the Second Doctor and William Russell had portrayed the First Doctor. It is technically Treloar's second audio, as he had previous appeared with the first eight Doctors in The Light at the End.

Publisher's summary[]

This release comes as two new Third Doctor stories and a disc of extras:

1.1 Prisoners of the Lake by Justin Richards

Captain Mike Yates is investigating the disappearance of artefacts from an archaeological site deep below Dunstanton Lake. It's hardly a job for UNIT. But when the team discover a mysterious ancient structure buried deep underwater, all that changes.

When chief archaeologist Freda Mattingly ventures inside, she soon realises that her skills do not begin to equip her to deal with what she finds. As an ancient menace begins to stir the Doctor, Jo Grant and Mike Yates must dive down to the lake bed and discover the secrets hidden there. Secrets that could mean the end of all life on Earth...

1.2 The Havoc of Empires by Andy Lane

The Doctor and Jo take Mike Yates on his first trip in the TARDIS, but instead of the historical cricket match they were aiming for they end up on a futuristic space station in the middle of a diplomatic crisis that might escalate into galactic war.

The alien leader of the Chalnoth Hegemony is marrying the human Director of the Teklarn Incorporation, but there are forces that will stop at nothing to disrupt the ceremony. The Doctor is accused of murder while explosions occur across the station, and only Jo Grant, pretending to be a security consultant, can save the day.

But then, there's the Eels to consider...


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
1.1 Prisoners of the Lake Justin Richards Nicholas Briggs Jo, Yates, The Brig 2 September 2015 BFPDW3RD01
1.2 The Havoc of Empires Andy Lane Jo, Mike Yates


  • These stories use a mixture of full cast dialogue and narration, similar to The Early Adventures. It was the only volume in the range to utilise this format. Starting with Volume 2, the full-cast format was adopted.
  • Tim Treloar portrays both the Doctor and the narrator in this release, taking over from the late Jon Pertwee. He played the role of Pertwee's Doctor in The Light at the End.
  • Recorded at The Moat Studios.

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