The Terrorkon Harvest was a comic strip published in TV Century 21.

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The Daleks are setting up new underwater defences when they disturb the Terrorkon.

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The Terrorkon, a creature that lives in the waters of Skaro, including in the Lake of Mutations is swimming near where the Daleks are installing new defences. An electric barrier the voltagstrem barrier, but while they are working on their rockets the Terrorkon breaks through the barrier, attacking the Daleks.

The Terrorkon takes one of the Daleks' rockets, tries to eat it whilst under the Daleks' city, but finds it inedible. Whilst musing under the city it is attacked by an electric eel.

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  • After this story, the Red Dalek is often seen with the Emperor.
  • The Daleks begin to explore and survey the far corners of Skaro, leading into the next story.

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