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You may be looking for The Teller (The King's Dragon).

The Teller was a large humanoid telepathic creature with an eye stalk on either side of its head. It was able to sense guilt in others by scanning their thoughts. It was also capable of emitting a form of energy that could liquefy the brain, causing the crown of the head to "cave in".

It was one of only two of its species left alive. It was forced to work under Madame Karabraxos and her clone, Ms Delphox, at the Bank of Karabraxos, as the other surviving member of the species was held hostage. Just before the bank was destroyed by a solar storm, when nearly everyone else had fled, the Twelfth Doctor freed both creatures. He then dropped the reunited pair off together on a remote planet, far from civilisation so that the thoughts of other beings could not torture them. (TV: Time Heist)


At the bank, the Teller was secured in an orange straitjacket whilst imprisoned. When free of the straitjacket, the Teller had two long claws coming from the end of each arm, and a small ribbed tail-like protuberance. (TV: Time Heist)


As one of the aliens she had met during her travels with the Doctor, the Teller was included in a series of notes written by Clara when she was planning to confess to Danny Pink via phone call about her adventures with the Doctor. (TV: Dark Water)

After the Twelfth Doctor's mind was connected to a mind scythe, the "holiday snaps" the Doctor showed Kygon Brox included the Teller. (COMIC: The Instruments of War)

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The Teller is present as both an ally and an enemy in the Doctor Who: Legacy mobile game.

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