The Story So Far... was the second promotional short story released in The Book of the Peace Dossier.

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Mother and Father, the keepers of the Shadow Spire, call upon a loa to show them the Faction Paradox survivors of Lolita's attack on the Eleven-Day Empire. They're shown older members of the Family hibernating in surviving moments of the Empire, then Mathara's warship fleet and its destruction in an invasion of a cloneworld. Mother and Father ask for survivors of other Homeworld deaths, and are shown first the Elementals then members of the Faction on long-dead ruins of Homeworlds. The loa shows one final Faction survivor, the new Grandfather. Mother and Father decide to open the Spire to all the living Faction Family they've been shown. They ask the loa to show the location of a weapon, and it gives a flash of a green snake writhing through history before vanishing.

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