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The Steampunk Conundrum was the second story of Doctor Who: The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor, published in 2018.


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  • The Doctor refers to San Francisco as "the Paris of the west".
  • The Doctor mentions that Alice's new dress makes her resemble a Dalek.
  • The Doctor wears a bowler hat, which he claims are "cool". Alice jokingly "pleads the fifth" in response.
  • The Doctor likens his "twinkling inkling" to "chewing on a piece of tin foil".
  • Alice exclaims "Avon calling" when entering the mansion.
  • The Doctor uses his psychic paper to identify himself and Alice as Pinkerton detectives to the butler. They go under the names Agent Smith and Ageny Obiefune. He later uses the paper to indentify himself to Detective Brady as "John Smith, AKA the Doctor. Of Scotland Yard".
  • The Doctor calls the battle drone "dumb as a bucket of pastries", and later calls them "pastry brains".
  • Detective Brady is a member of the San Francisco Police Department.
  • Alice mentions she's from Hackney.
  • Brady thinks the Doctor is going to hail a cab to get to Schwart's factory.
  • The Doctor says "it's like Christmas came early", upon seeing the wharf shrouded in fog.
  • The Doctor mentions a race called the Astanzi, who were blue and had orange hair.


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