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The Stealers from Saiph was the twelfth and final story of the third series of The Companion Chronicles, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Nigel Robinson, narrated by Mary Tamm and featured the Fourth Doctor and Romana I.

It was the first story produced by Big Finish which featured the character of Romana I during the time she travelled with the Fourth Doctor, though, due to the preceding Gallifrey series, it was not the Big Finish debut of either Romana I or Mary Tamm.

It is a unique entry in the Companion Chronicles series, as it uses only one actor.

Publisher's summary[]

It's 1929, and the TARDIS crew is holidaying in Antibes. While the Doctor practises his painting, Romana attempts to fend off the playful advances of young Tommy Creighton. All is peaceful and idyllic except for the portentous warning of astrologer Madame Arcana, and the fact that personal items are being stolen from the hotel's guests.What is the secret of the cave on the beach? And why do some of Romana's new acquaintances suddenly behave so strangely? As her newfound socialite existence suddenly takes a turn into danger, Romana finds that the whole planet Earth is faced with a deadly threat...


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  • While in Antibes, Romana decides to study Terran fauna.
  • Madame Arcana drinks gin fizzes to excess.
  • According to the Doctor and Romana, there has been no unusual stellar activity in Earth's part of the galactic quadrant since the Great Comet of 1800. The comet appeared over Antibes in that year. The local peasants believed that it foretold of the end of the world.
  • Tommy Creighton is attracted to Romana but she is uninterested. Similarly, Madame Arcana is attracted to the Doctor. However, he tells Romana that she is "much too young for [him]."
  • Binky Blaine was reading a copy of Agatha Christie's latest novel but it was stolen from his room.
  • Lady Darlington's two brothers were killed in the Great War.
  • Romana is invited to Charleston by Tommy but she declines.
  • Professor Henri Chevalier's father and grandfather both made significant archaeological discoveries in the Mediterranean.
  • The Doctor refers to F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  • Romana compares the Mediterranean Sea to the Tertiary Tranquility of Kandalinga.


  • The Stealers from Saiph is told, like a few other entries in the Companion Chronicles series, in a mixture of first person and third person limited narrative. That is, Romana is recollecting her personal past, and cannot tell more than what she has personally perceived, but she often employs third person pronouns (he, she, they) to tell her story. This narrative style, akin to that of a diary, is somewhat unusual for a Companion Chronicle, but certainly not unique.
    • For instance, The Time Vampire, and the rest of Nigel Fairs' Leela trilogy, the actor is acting through the lens of the primary character. Mary Tamm is therefore not portraying other characters in the story, but rather she is always playing Romana, who is then recollecting the other characters. It is thus possible to explain any perceived inaccuracy of impersonation. Because Romana is not herself an actor or a gifted mimic, "spot on" accents or impersonations should not be rendered. The listener should always be able to hear the voice of Romana, even when, say, the Doctor is speaking.
  • Lisa Bowerman, best known for playing Bernice Summerfield, is the director. She also took the photograph of Mary Tamm included in the booklet.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 16 February 2009 at the Moat Studios.
  • Along with Glorious Goodwood, Police 5: The Master and Making Cocoa , this is one of four DWU productions to feature no surviving cast members.
  • This story is set between The Armageddon Factor and Destiny of the Daleks.
  • This story was released on CD. It is now available as a download only.


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