The Sphere was the first story in the audio anthology Graceless, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Simon Guerrier and featured Ciara Janson as Abby and Laura Doddington as Zara.

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“It's great here. You can get anything!”

The Sphere is a private satellite complex and offers every kind of entertainment. It doubles in size every week. They lash new hotels and casinos to the outer skin, pinning them in place with huge girders.

Zara came here by mistake and was quickly caught up in the noise and excitement. It's got into her head. When her sister Abby comes to the rescue, Zara insists that she can't leave.

What is the secret that Zara is carrying with her? Why is Abby so ill? And how long can she resist the Sphere getting into her head as well?

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  • This audio drama was recorded on 17 March and 24 and 25 July 2010.
  • The character of Amy changes her name permanently to Abby with this story. Since the character of Amy/Abby was introduced and before production began on Graceless, a companion named Amy Pond was added to Doctor Who, which may have been the reason for the sudden name change.

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