The Sorcerer's Apprentice was the twelfth novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It featured the First Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright.

Publisher's summary

"There’s no such thing as magic," the Doctor said.

But the land of Elbyon might just prove him to be wrong. It is a place, populated by creatures of fantasy, where myth and legend rule. Elves and dwarves live in harmony with mankind, wizards wield arcane powers and armoured knights battle monstrous dragons.

Yet is seems that Elbyon has secrets to hide. The TARDIS crew find a relic from the thirtieth century hidden in the woods. Whose sinister manipulations are threatening the stability of a once peaceful lane? And what part does the planet play in a conflict that may save an Empire, yet doom a galaxy?

To solve these puzzles, and save his companions, the Doctor must learn to use the sorcery whose very existence he doubts.


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The Doctor

  • Palms an egg to demonstrate 'magic'.
  • Dresses up like a wizard (as seen on the cover).
  • Has visited Ireland.

The Doctor's items

Foods and beverages

  • Susan tells Ian that she cannot get drunk (whilst drinking wine) unless she wants to.


  • Susan performs a simple spell.
  • Susan uses Princess Mellisa's hair to escape from a high tower.
  • Ian fights a dragon, stabbing it with a lance.
  • Marton Dhal is an evil wizard who was Gamling's apprentice. He has an army that includes dragons and winged apes.

Time Lords

  • Susan has yet to pass the 'first maturation' and therefore needs a few hours sleep.


  • The fall of the Earth Empire is mentioned.
  • The Special Services Directorate is concerned with the security of the Earth Empire and was formed after the Imperial Landsknechte collapsed.


  • The TARDIS has a force field that protects the doors and filters the outside air when the doors are open.
  • The Doctor asks Susan to check the radiation counter and Ian sees that she makes sure, commenting, "We don't want a repeat of what happened on Skaro".


  • Barbara flies on a broomstick with a witch.




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