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The Sontaran Ordeal was the fourth and final story in Classic Doctors, New Monsters: Volume One, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Andrew Smith and featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor.

Publisher's summary[]

An instant of the Time War brings centuries of conflict to the planet Drakkis, and the Eighth Doctor is there to witness the terrible results.

A Sontaran fleet, desperate to join the epic conflict, follows in its wake to take advantage of the fallout. But when Commander Jask is beamed down to the ravaged surface, there is more to his arrival than first appears.

Soon, an unlikely champion joins forces with the Time Lord to fight for the future of her world, and together they must face the Sontaran Ordeal...


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  • The Doctor considers the Last Great Time War to be cruel and senseless.
  • The Doctor claims to be a tourist.
  • The Doctor mentions that he trained with Musashi to swordfight.
  • All Sontarans are aware of the Doctor and the TARDIS.
  • Sarana has two sons who were taken in battle.
  • Drakkis' sector of space was contaminated by temporal flux, which occurs when the effects of the Time War enter real time. The Sontarans' battle computers indicate that, prior to the alteration of history, Drakkis had been at peace for its entire existence. Other planets have suffered the same. The effects are irreversible.
  • The Doctor comments that he felt undressed without his sonic screwdriver.
  • Jask was once known as "Jask the Foe Slayer".
  • Drakkis has no strategic value to the Sontarans.
  • Incinerators are kept on Sontaran ships to dispose of dead soldiers.



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