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[[Category:Series 7 (4DA) audio stories]]
[[Category:Series 7 (4DA) audio stories]]
[[Category:Audio stories that use Delia Derbyshire's 2nd theme]]
[[Category:Audio stories that use Delia Derbyshire's 2nd theme]]
[[Category:Sandminer robot audio stories]]

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The Sons of Kaldor was the first story in the seventh series of the Fourth Doctor Adventures, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Andrew Smith and featured Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Louise Jameson as Leela.

Publisher's summary

Finding themselves in a seemingly deserted spaceship on an alien world, the Doctor and Leela stumble into some familiar foes - the Voc robots from the planet Kaldor - and... something else. Something outside. Trying to get in.

Reviving the robot’s Kaldoran commander from hibernation, the travellers discover that they’ve found themselves in the middle of a civil war. The ship was hunting the Sons of Kaldor, an armed resistance group working with alien mercenaries to initiate regime change on their homeworld.

But now the Sons of Kaldor may have found them. The Doctor and Leela will have to pick a side. Or die.


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Part two

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