The Sodality was an organisation that controlled the Earth in an alternate 26th century.

In the 20th century, the Cabal of the Horned Beast acquired a book of ancient magic. (PROSE: The Severed Man) They used it to travel through time and enhance the power of the group, which became the Sodality. Unfortunately, this resulted in much destruction by the 26th century. The Sodality travelled back in time to October 2003 to revive the Daemon, Mastho, hoping they could control him. They had nearly been defeated by Kate Stewart and Douglas Cavendish, but not before Mastho had escaped back through time with the Sodality. (HOMEVID: Dæmos Rising)

Arriving in 1586, Mastho told the Sodality that if they did not destroy all the time sensitives and time channellers they had created by the time of his third revival, he would destroy the Earth. Hoping to satisfy Mastho, they began culling all the time-sensitives they had created, which drew the attention of time-sensitives Honoré Lechasseur and Emily Blandish. By 2586, Mastho was revived for a third and final time, but due to the intervention of Honoré, Emily and Dr Smith, Mastho went into self-destruction, and destroyed the Sodality along with him. (PROSE: Child of Time)

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