The Smugglers was a novelisation based on the 1966 television serial The Smugglers. This was the final Target Books novelisation published in a hardcover edition and thus the last Doctor Who fiction to be published in the hardcover format until the launch of the Big Finish Productions Short Trips range in 2002.

Publisher's summary Edit

1988 edition Edit

A 17th century Cornish town - villainous pirates roam the seas searching for treasure while the townspeople have turned to smuggling, wheeling and dealing in contraband.

Into this wild and remote place the TARDIS materialises and the First Doctor and his companions find themselves caught up in the dubious activities of the locals.

When the Doctor is unwittingly given a clue to the whereabouts of the treasure the pirates are determined to extract the information - whatever the cost.

Chapter titles Edit

  1. A Shock for Polly and Ben
  2. The Frightened Man
  3. Longfoot's Friends
  4. Pike
  5. Pirate Treasure
  6. Kewper's Trade
  7. Captured
  8. The Squire's Plan
  9. Pike's Revenge
  10. Treasure Hunt
  11. Cherub's Move
  12. The Treasure

Deviations from televised story Edit

  • It is explained that Kewper contacted Pike because the smugglers' normal boat had been seized by the Revenue men and they were searching for a replacement.
  • Pike learns of Cherub's absence from a pirate named Crow immediately after killing Jamaica and notes they returned to the boat together.
  • Gaptooth's death during the battle is omitted: He is last mentioned when he sends Spaniard and Daniel to guard the boat, making his fate unclear.

Writing and publishing notes Edit

  • This was the last title to be released in both hardback and paperback due to declining sales.
  • The cover for the original Target Books edition featured the artwork of Alister Pearson.

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British publication history Edit

Hardback (June 1998)
  • W.H.Allen & Co. Ltd. UK ISBN:0491031483, estimated print run of only 1000 copies priced £7.95.
Paperback (January 1989)
  • Target / W.H. Allen & Co. Ltd. One single paperback edition, estimated print run: 23,000, priced £1.99 (UK).
Re-issues (February 1993)
  • Target / Virgin Publishing, priced £3.50 (UK).

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