The Sleuth Slayers was the third story in the anthology Wildthyme on Top. It was written by Jake Elliot.

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Iris Wildthyme joins in on the investigation of the murders of the country's amateur detectives.

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  • The man, whose name is never given, is strongly implied to be John Steed from The Avengers. His partner, Georgie Price Jones, worked with Steed in the Avengers episode The Girl from AUNTIE.
  • The amateur detectives are all pastiches of famous literary detectives: Miss Jane of Miss Marple, Hercule Smith of Hercule Poirot, and Mr Sherrinford of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Among the murdered detectives are: a travelling French detective found dead in mysterious circumstances (possibly Jules Maigret?), a retired policeman called Cuff who was smothered by his roses (Sergeant Cuff), a part-time solicitor-detective who was gassed in his chambers (possibly Martin Hewitt?) and a dabbling aristocrat who was crushed under some rare books (possibly Lord Peter Wimsey?)
  • A small man in clerical dress with a blank, unprepossessing face (Father Brown) briefly appears.
  • A number of detectives make unnamed cameo appearances at the restaurant: a suave-looking man doodling stick figures with halos (Simon Templar), a middle-aged couple who address each other as "old bean" and "old thing" (Tommy and Tuppence) and a vague-looking man wearing horn-rimmed glasses (Albert Campion).

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