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The Sky Man was the third story in the audio anthology Only the Good, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by James Goss and featured Derek Jacobi as the War Master and Jonny Green as Cole Jarnish.

Publisher's summary[]

When his new companion decides to save a planet, the Master indulges this most futile of requests. Materialising on a primitive, agrarian world, both the strangers quickly find their place in it… until fallout from the War invades their happy paradise.


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  • The Master says he's always dreamed of running a vineyard. He's interested in viticulture.
  • Old Farmer Klosk has a winery in the next valley. The Master has a go at running it, tending to the grapevines.
  • Gorrif has been the local shepherd for 26 years. He's upset that Cole rebuilt the bridge, but eventually comes around to it.
  • Elidh and Cole share a kiss.
  • Shabril and Cole play cards, and Cole loses all his money to him gambling.
  • Shabril's wife Pinsa gives birth to twins, but both are dead.
  • Elidh had a doll named Grelly in her childhood. Anvar made it, and gave it to her on Wintertide.


  • Cole wears an orange survival suit, which protects him.
  • Cole fixes their water pump, and the bridge which goes across the river.
  • A weapon from the Time War has unleashed chronon distortion.
  • Cole constructs isolation suits — or Iso-Suits — with chronon distortion dampers, neurodampers and stabilisation fields built in. Initial models were attempts at making survival suits, like his own.


  • Cole gets a sheep tick from the sheep, and thinks it might be a tumour.
  • When the sheep get sick, Anvar wonders if they've been eating devil clover from the fields.


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