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The Skivers special (audio story)

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The Skivers is a BBC Radio 4 sketch comedy audio series. One of their episode featured the guest of the week Jon Pertwee playing the Third Doctor during some of the skits.

Publisher's summary Edit

Doctor Who meets Worzel Gummidge, as Nick Golson and Tim de Jongh welcome guest Jon Pertwee. From February 1995.[1]

Plot Edit

Opener Edit

Jon Pertwee performs "Doctor Who Goes Shopping" with Nick and Tim.

Daleks Edit

A mockumentary about "Whatever Happened to the Daleks?"

Doctor's Assistant Edit

The Doctor interviews Jemima-Katy for his assistant job position and eventually recruits her.

There Ain't No Stopping Us Now Edit

Captain Kirk phones Cyril Space Vehicle Repairs and Bodywork to pick up the Enterprise after Scotty messed the engines but Barry has not finished the repairs, meanwhile Tau is working on Dave's Discovery. The Doctor then arrives to pick up the TARDIS after its 2.5 billion light-years control to stop a Cybermen revolution on Alpha Centauri but it needs reparations, thankfully the Cyberman craft is also in repairs.

Closer Edit

As the Doctor's two companions give him a resignation letter, he decides to take "his" other famous character Worzel Gummidge to create Doctor Gummidge

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Crew Edit

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Story notes Edit

  • Other sketches, including those with characters played by Jon Pertwee but without a Doctor Who link, also featured in the same episode but have not been listed here.
  • Jemima-Katy is referenced as a companion in PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles.
  • Discovery is a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Babylon 5 is mentioned in a skit.
  • "There Ain't No Stopping Us Now" is not listed on radiolisting[2] but it is named during the episode itself
  • The episode was recorded on 11 February 1995.

Footnotes Edit

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