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The Sixth Doctor is on trial AGAIN! was a narrative trailer for the Blu-ray release of season 23 of Doctor Who.

It had comedic parallels with the trial scenes which formed the framing narrative of the season 23, in which the Sixth Doctor is put on trial by the Time Lords.

Despite the title, it actually starred a caricatured version of Colin Baker himself (akin to the part already played by Baker in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot) rather than any version of the Doctor.


Colin Baker is back on trial! Can he walk free before the release of Doctor Who: The Collection Season 23??


Colin Baker is on trial in court, where he proclaims how ridiculous the trial is, pinpointing their points of law, evidence and reasonings are utter rubbish.

The magistrate reminds Baker that they are in a court of law and asks him to show respect.

Colin retaliates with outbursts of ridicule and asks them if they would like to know what happened during his last trial.

The magistrate refuses, asking him why he is disputing an unpaid parking fine.

Colin explains that he was busy filming vital new content for the Doctor Who Season 23 Blu-ray Collection, while holding up an iPad. Baker proceeds to claim his evidence is beamed directly from the Matrix. As the others look confused, he explains that it is the repository of all Time Lord knowledge.

As they continue to look confused, he instead activates the iPad, which begins to play bits from Season 23, after which he rests his case.

The magistrate tells Baker that it looks entertaining, but is not why they're in court.

Colin continues to complain about their intent on incriminating him and haven't paid attention at all. He explains about updated special effects, new documentaries and extended edits of every episode. He tells that there are over 10 hours of bonus material and without his contribution, the entire thing could have been wiped out.

As a final statements Colin demands that the trial cease to be and that he should be put back to his proper place and time.

The magistrate puts on her glasses and as the screen fades to black, we hear a gavel banging.

Next thing we see is Colin sitting down in a cell, where he finds Nicola Bryant. When he asks, she says she's in there for marrying Brian Blessed.

The door slams shut and gets locked.




The Doctor Who series[]

Story notes[]

  • Despite the name of the webcast, Colin Baker portrays himself, not the Sixth Doctor.
  • The trial may possibly be a reference to Colin Baker's experience receiving a parking ticket in 2016. He believed he had been ticketed unjustly and vowed to fight the fine.[1]