The Sixth Doctor Adventures was an audio series by Big Finish Productions that featured adventures starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor.

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Special and Bonus Releases[edit | edit source]

Due to Big Finish's 2019 website redesign, stories starring the Sixth Doctor from the Classic Series - Special Releases and Bonus Releases brands were moved to this range.

Title Author Featuring Released
The Ratings War Steve Lyons Beep the Meep 10 January 2002
The Maltese Penguin Robert Shearman Frobisher, Dogbolter November 2002
Real Time Gary Russell Evelyn, Cybermen December 2002
Her Final Flight Julian Shortman Peri December 2004
Cryptobiosis Elliot Thorpe December 2005
Return of the Krotons Nicholas Briggs Charley, Krotons December 2008
Voyage to Venus Jonathan Morris Jago, Litefoot 25 October 2012
Voyage to the New World Matthew Sweet 20 December 2012
Trial of the Valeyard Alan Barnes, Mike Maddox Darkel, the Valeyard 17 December 2013

The Sixth Doctor Adventures[edit | edit source]

The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure
Title Author Featuring Released
The End of the Line Simon Barnard and Paul Morris Constance, the Valeyard, the Master 17 August 2015
The Red House Alan Barnes Charley, the Valeyard
Stage Fright Matt Fitton Flip, Jago, Litefoot, the Valeyard
The Brink of Death Nicholas Briggs Mel, the Valeyard, Seventh Doctor

The Sixth Doctor and Peri[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Sixth Doctor and Peri: Volume One
# Title Author Featuring Released
1.1 The Headless Ones James Parsons, Andrew Stirling-Brown Peri 13 August 2020
1.2 Like Jacqueline Rayner
1.3 The Vanity Trap Stuart Manning
1.4 Conflict Theory Nev Fountain

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